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- Specialized technical and market-related semiconductor technology publications


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IC Microanalysis LLC provides independent and objective expert semiconductor technology consulting services to engineering and intellectual property professionals. 

We support competitive analysis investigations, licensing, litigation, prior art, and patent investment programs. 

All services are uniquely customized to meet your specific requirements.

Our clients include:

- Patent Attorneys
- Patent Agents

- Patent Licensing Agents

- Engineering Professionals

- Competitive Intelligence   Managers

- Business Managers

- Investors

- Translators

- Technical Writers

Customized consulting to support the following:

Patent Research


- Patent Technology Research

- Evidence of Use Investigation

- Focused Citation Analysis

- Technology reviews

- Competitive intelligence

- Portfolio triage

- Product and market

- Licensing evaluation

Litigation and Licensing


- Evidence of use

- Analytical assistance

- Claim charts

- Evidence collection

- Prior art searches

- Technical evidence review

- Expert trial assistance

- Arbitration technical expert

Competitive Intelligence

Technical Proofreading/Editing

All services are provided by Mr. David York, who has over 35 years experience serving intellectual property, engineering, and business professionals around the world. Mr. York has comprehensive technology research, patent analysis and analytical laboratory experience, and is a uniquely-qualified expert in the critical evaluation of claim charts to demonstrate evidence of use (litigation and patent investment due diligence), semiconductor device structural analysis and cross-sectional image interpretation.


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